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Restoration Services


Water, Fire 

Water damage can wreak havoc on homes and communities, causing a wide range of issues that affect both the structural integrity of buildings and the well-being of residents. Quick and effective restoration after a loss is crucial to prevent further harm to both properties and the health of individuals.
Water damage can occur through various sources, each with its own characteristics and levels of destruction: floods, leaks/plumbing issues, storms, sewer backups and more. The water damage restoration process involves SEVERAL key steps to ensure thorough cleanup, mitigation, and restoration. Here’s a general outline of the process: 

Initial Assessment and Inspection
Water Extraction and Removal
Moisture Detection and Dehumidification
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Mold Remediation
Structural Repair and Restoration
Final Inspection 

Freedom Restoration is a crucial partner in helping families recover from the devastating effects of house damages caused by fire orr water.   Our expertise in cleaning, repairing, and restoring properties can make a significant difference in the restoration process.  Freedom restoration provides essential services that help restore a sense of normalcy and hope after a traumatic event. Our swift response, professionalism, and attention to detail can make a profound impact on the emotional and physical recovery of those affected.

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